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Using name referred to your Father

Hi there! I am looking for a proper answer to my query. My topic is:
My name on Passport is "Muhammad **Edited for Community Guidelines**" while my name on Upwork is "Mukarram **Edited for Community Guidelines**"(referred to my father) and I use this name mostly. Irfan is my father's name and it is same on both Upwork and passport. It will be really appreciative if you can guide me that can I use this name in which I am referred to my father or I need to use the first name? Will upwork accept my ID verification in this case? There is not a huge difference between them.


Hi Mukarram,


The name on your profile must match the one on your ID, so if that's the case you can use it. If you require to make a change, be sure to check this help article for more information.


Thank you.


~ Luiggi
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