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Using your full name on Upwork when it's really long

I have a very long name (Rathnayaka Mudiyanselage Wajra Jeewantha Bandara). For convencience I've been using a shortened version of this name (Jeewantha Bandara). But now I've got to set up bank account details and I have to put in my full name. My bank account is in my full name because of my countrys' laws.

My last name is 'Bandara'. But because of character limitations I can only enter a portion of the rest of my name in the field titled 'First Name'. I can only enter 'Rathnayaka Mudiyanselage Wajra' and I run out of characters.

How do I proceeed?

Retired Team Member
Retired Team Member

Hi Jeewantha,

You can keep the short version of your name and if you have any problems when you will withdraw funds from your account contact our customer support and they will assist you further.

~ Goran
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