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VOIP - Freelancer should have or client should pay?

New to Upwork - appreciate your guidance.


Are clients supposed to supply minutes/VOIP service for calls?  I had assumed it was part of the job - i.e. having internet - and not something a client would provide or be factored into price.


So far I've had one freelancer simply start making calls, one who asked me to pay for an unlimited VOIP month in advance offsite (I obviously declined), and then one who requested they be added to my Skype account and use the minutes - hard to determine what's standard/fair.


Thank you and Happy Holidays,


nah man. Write them off as losers. Who tells clients they have to pay them to talk to them during the sales phase? Man they dumb.


Plenty of people with a couple nickels to rub together. Ain't nobody of value got time for that nonsense.


I'm a freelancer, not a client. I would NEVER expect a client to supply anything like that.

@Mary W wrote:

I'm a freelancer, not a client. I would NEVER expect a client to supply anything like that.

Same here. The client should not have to supply it. If they are professional, they should have the basic tools they need to complete the project they applied for. 

"Fairness is giving all people the treatment they earn and deserve. It doesn't mean treating everyone alike-Coach John Wooden"

I am a freelancer.

I spend about $150 per month on servers that I use as a developer. This is simply the "cost of doing business" for me. I offer high-end services to clients, and this is part of what allows me to do so. I do not directly ask any client to pay for these expenses. But I earn considerably more than that amount per month from the services I directly bill clients for through Upwork.


I'd generally say no, like everyone else so far. But if the job is some kind of phone sales job (for example), I can see why a freelancer may think it's not unreasonable for a client to pay for that expense. It's probably what they're used to in the B&M world. (Not saying they're right, just that I can see where that thinking might come from).


If you're advertising jobs that require the freelancer to make a lot of phone calls (like phone sales or whatever), and you're frequently encountering this attitude, maybe you might want to put in your job description that those expenses won't be covered.