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Virtual Receptions Phone Number

Hey there


Much success to you all! Question- My company is here in Canada and we already have an established business line & number. I have recently hired a virtual assistant/receptionist/scheduler in the Philipines. What program or app can I use that will allow her to receive and make outgoing calls?

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Hi Chanel, 


I don't know what other people use, but I have in the past used Skype - with a monthly subscription of unlimited calls (price will depend on where she will call to, I believe just to North America it's a few dollars, and the entire world is $14). 


I also bought a skype number, so I was able to make and receive calls. Also send texts, but not receive those. 


Hope that helps!

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Community Manager

Hi Chanel, 

In another lifetime, I used to have a virtual Google number before, which I was able to use on my phone. Calls were made through Hangouts. Hopefully, this helps you conduct your business. 

~ Avery
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MagicJack is great for making and receiving free calls. Can be used by customer service people anywhere in the world to receive U.S./Canada calls for free, and make U.S./Canada calls for free.


I have used it for years and still do.

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