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Voice Over work for fci (Fci MS)

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Kristina B Member Since: Feb 20, 2020
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I am a newbie here; I am a voice over talent who got an email from FCI after they reviewed my proposal and listend to my reel.  They sent non-disclosure docs and a W-9. I'm ok with the non-disclosure but the W-9 doesn't sit right. I called and spoke to the actual person who sent me the email and she sounded professional (but scammers sound professional.)  I tried to click on the verified employer and see the ratings but it isn't a hotlink so I don't know if I should trust it.  I'm skeptical!  Has anyone does voice work for them?

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Preston H Member Since: Nov 24, 2014
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I'm not a voice over artist and I don't know anything about FCI, but here are my general observations:

NDA (non-disclosure)?
Not a big deal. I sign these all the time.

I read them, and if there's nothing weird in them, I sign them.

Basically they just mean I'm not supposed to talk about the client's project with anybody, which I wouldn't do anyway.


If you're a freelancer, it isn't uncommon to fill in a W-9.

Not really supposed to be asked for these on Upwork. But this doesn't make me think you're dealing with a scammer. Sounds like you are simply dealing with somebody who has a protocol they follow for hiring, and may not be completely aware that they don't need W-9 in order to hire Upwork freelancers.


Anything's possible... and there ARE scammers who target Upwork freelancers. But I really haven't heard of scams on Upwork that entail asking freelancers to provide a W-9.