Weird Job Success Score


Last Sunday I noticed that my Job Success Score was enabled and only 63%.


After that, I read all articles and forums about the Job Success Score and realized that there must be 5+ completed jobs to get Job Success Score.


Currently I have 3 completed jobs(with 5 stars) and 2 strange jobs,


2 strange jobs were actually same jobs with one among the finished 3 jobs.

One day I received that a contract was updated for a couple of times (saying that my client changed the terms of our contract ) and I saw that 2 ended contracts without any feedback & score were appeared on my `All Contracts` page.

That's very strange.


I wonder why additional 2 jobs were appeared at that time.


Because of that 2 jobs, I got having 5 completed jobs and it seems like that my Job Success Score was down to 63% due to that 2 jobs.


I am eager to hear from you soon.






Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi Borys,


I've checked the two additional contracts and it seems that each time the client sent you a new offer, and didn't just change the terms on the initial contract. That's why you're seeing two additional contracts from the same client. Also, please note that contracts with no money paid do count and are included in your Job Success Score calculation.


Thanks for your help, Vladimir.

Hi Borys,


The only way to avoid having duplicate contracts is to discuss the job with the client in detail before accepting their offer, and making sure you don't accept subsequent offers for the same job from the same client. If your client needs to change your hourly rate, they can do it on the existing contract.