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What about my protection?

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Jelena M Member Since: May 19, 2017
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Let me share a thought. Sorry about the long post, but be a professional and read it through. It’s somewhat important.

I applied for a job as a VA several days ago. The client had fairly good references, several completed projects, verified paying method. Everything seemed very professional and trustworthy. I got the candidacy and met the client. In our second interview, before the official offer, where he client supposed to give me details of the project, I realized that the job had nothing to do with the description in the job post, he wanted me to “think of an industry”, create a business plan, and register the company using a fake address. And on top of all, the client started hitting on me. And then burped. Three times. I have never been so humiliated in my life. I was so upset I had to cancel my reservation for the Upwork forum that day.

Those things happen, I understand that. So I just went to report the client, and let Upwork deal with it.
A day later I got an another candidacy. When I went to the proposal list, the candidacy from the client in question was still there. That’s when the s*** hit the fan. I checked, his job posting, together with the postings from another client whom I reported several days before for asking to work outside of Upwork, were still active. I felt humiliated once again.

I am very disappointed, very angry and I don’t have much trust left for Upwork. I’ve sent my resumes and contact information to scammers, and there are many more to come, as it seems. Ever since I came to the “Community” I’ve been reading about scams and glitches and bugs and problems. And I don’t even know where to begin with the community. I was shocked to read how some of the active and experienced “professionals” here are talking to newbies. And I don’t care if they copied or faked their profiles, straight out laughing at them and humiliating them is outrageously unprofessional and rude. In the past month I got the impression that management have very little control over what is going on the platform. There are extremely high expectations, enormous pressure on freelancers to deliver the best performance, almost zero percent tolerance for mistakes, and at the same time – no verification of the clients and no restrictions to their actions. And I am sick and tired of grammar Nazis judging my English skills, when I clearly have a better command of the languages then the majority of the clients here who are native speakers.

Remember Upwork, you depend on the work of your freelancers, and you’ve done very little to protect them and their integrity.

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Jennifer M Member Since: May 17, 2015
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lol did he really burp in the mic? lol oh internets.


You definitely need quite the backbone for this stuff that's for sures.



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Janean L Member Since: Apr 6, 2016
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@ Jelena --


Do I understand you correctly?


An unprofessional (arguably disgusting) client contacted you. You reported the client. Nothing was done. You have also discovered that Upwork has not acted on previous reports you have made. You are "very disappointed, very angry and [] don’t have much trust left for Upwork." (Quite understandable!)


At the same time, you are fine with freelancers who create and post fake profiles. In fact, you are irate with "unprofessional" and "rude" Forum regulars who call them out on being fakes. (Yet, you are indignant that there is/are "no verification of the clients and no restrictions to their actions.") (emphasis mine)


Somehow, this is related to "grammar Nazis" who judge your English skills. (You have posted only nine times in the Forums prior to this. Have you been attacked much for your grammar?)


I agree with you that Upwork needs to protect the "integrity" of its platform. (You say "freelancers" ; I say "platform.") Parts of your posting I agree with. Parts of it are confusing to me and seem to be internally inconsistent.


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Kathy T Member Since: Jul 17, 2015
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Jelena - I too was angry that the clients I flagged or reported were still up days after I reported them. I have read replies from moderator here that it's something to do with a direct link in this site but in fact they are closed, I don't remember the exact post or wordings, but I hope a moderator will pop in here and explain why those jobs still show.


You have to probably get the attitude that you can only do so much. You are NOT getting paid to report these clients. Nor are you getting any extra contacts, points, or prizes. To get so upset and angry isn't productive.


You can do as I do now. If you want to report a client for anything, just click on the Flag as inappropriate, withdraw your proposal and move on. Whatever Upwork wants to do with that is their business. You've done all you can.


As for freelancers on this discussion site, you will have to learn to deal with their personailities and quarks. As they say, take what you can and leave the rest. Your main objective is to secure a job and make money.

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Avery O Moderator Member Since: Nov 23, 2015
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Hi Jelena, 

We're sorry that you had an unfortunate experience on the platform. I checked and it doesn't look like your tickets went through. You can send me the jobs and clients you reported via a private message, and if you have screen grabs or other details you would like to include please do so. I will report them to the team for their review and action.