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What benefits does top rated freelancer have?

Hello, Everybody! Today, finally, I become as TOPRATED on Upwork, but I cannot find any informations about it. Does this status have any benefits? Or somee other pluses and minuses? Can they take this status from me in any situations?

Thank you! I would like to collaborate with you!

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Hi Nathalie,

I can tell you about 2 benefits


1) If any clients give you unfair feedback and leave a very bad public review. What will you do? 

You can use your top rated park to remove the public feedback from your profile, not every time though. Still, this is a very good benefit of being top rated.


2) You got any problem and you want Upwork's help. In that case, as a top-rated freelancer, you can directly chat with any support executive. You already know that a normal freelancer does not get the benefit of direct chatting with the support team.


And, a bonus benefit. Normally people seek the top in any field.








Brother how we can direct chat with upwork customer support. is there any link or any portal for it ?

Hi Naveed,


I'd be happy to assist you. Could you please share more information regarding your concern? Also, you can find more information on how you can reach out to Upwork support on this help article.

~ Joanne
Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi Nathalie, 

As a Top Rated Freelancer, you get the following perks: 

  • A badge on your Upwork freelancer profile
  • Personalized tips to strengthen your profile
  • 0% fees for all jobs with new clients you bring to Upwork
  • Reduced fees (10%) on Featured Jobs
  • Premium customer support, including phone and chat
  • Exclusive invitations to submit proposals
  • An exclusive Job Digest email to make it easier for you to find attractive opportunities
  • The ability to exercise more control over your Job Success Score
  • The opportunity to chat with Upwork during online office hours exclusively for Top Rated
  • The opportunity to host Top Rated Events in your city

You may read more about it here.

~ Avery

0% fees for all jobs with new clients you bring to Upwork.

This option not available now for top rated freelancer?

Hi Nusrat, 


This option is available for Top Rated Freelancers. You may read more about it here.

~ Avery
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Can the 5 days pending period for the approved funds be reduced or removed completely?
I see no importance of it being in place! Our clients usually approve payments after being fully satisfied with the work; why then keep the money at the "pending" stuff?
Most of us depend on the money we earn so reduce the number of pending days!

Let the entire upwork team think about this! Thanks.

Hi Geoffrey,


Thank you for sharing your thoughts! The five-day security hold still applies for fixed-price contracts. We are reviewing the impact of making these payments faster too; we will keep you posted.




Hi Andrea

Any news on whether fixed-price contracts will also be made faster?


Hi Salem,


I am sorry for the late response. We don't currently have any new information regarding fixed-price contracts. The five-day security hold still applies for fixed-price contracts. If there are any changes in the future, we'll make sure to update the community.


~ Nikola
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