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What benefits does top rated freelancer have?

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Nathalie P Member Since: Feb 17, 2018
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Hello, Everybody! Today, finally, I become as TOPRATED on Upwork, but I cannot find any informations about it. Does this status have any benefits? Or somee other pluses and minuses? Can they take this status from me in any situations?

Thank you! I would like to collaborate with you!

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Sagar S Member Since: Jun 22, 2015
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Hi Nathalie,

I can tell you about 2 benefits


1) If any clients give you unfair feedback and leave a very bad public review. What will you do? 

You can use your top rated park to remove the public feedback from your profile, not every time though. Still, this is a very good benefit of being top rated.


2) You got any problem and you want Upwork's help. In that case, as a top-rated freelancer, you can directly chat with any support executive. You already know that a normal freelancer does not get the benefit of direct chatting with the support team.


And, a bonus benefit. Normally people seek the top in any field.






Avery O Moderator Member Since: Nov 23, 2015
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Hi Nathalie, 

As a Top Rated Freelancer, you get the following perks: 

  • A badge on your Upwork freelancer profile
  • Personalized tips to strengthen your profile
  • 0% fees for all jobs with new clients you bring to Upwork
  • Reduced fees (10%) on Featured Jobs
  • Premium customer support, including phone and chat
  • Exclusive invitations to submit proposals
  • An exclusive Job Digest email to make it easier for you to find attractive opportunities
  • The ability to exercise more control over your Job Success Score
  • The opportunity to chat with Upwork during online office hours exclusively for Top Rated
  • The opportunity to host Top Rated Events in your city

You may read more about it here.