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What does count for a JSS?

Hello everyone! 


I just wanted to ask do someone knows what does count for a JSS? 

Do they only count closed contracts and jobs with 5-star feedback? Or successfully completed milestones also counts? Do we always have to end a contract in order to raise our JSS? 


Thank you, 


Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi Milos, 


Your Job Success Score calculation includes multiple factors such as public and private feedback, long-term relationships, contracts without feedback if they represent a significant portion of your overall contracts, etc. We won't be able to advise regarding which contracts exactly affected/affects your Job Success score, but we recommend that you read up on this help article for more information on how your score is calculated.


This help article also shares which factors can affect your score.

~ Avery

All right, as I see, completed milestones on time do not count for JSS. 

Just another question: I have a client that disappeared weeks ago. We finished the job, he paid me, but just disappeared, and now is totally unresponsive, and I am pretty sure he will not respond at all. What do you suggest:


1. Closing contract on my own, risking getting no feedback?

2. Leaving it as a job in progress without any actual progress?


What is less harmfull, overall?

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