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What if my bank account is under a different name?




I recently got a notification saying, "Due to our updated identity policy, at least one of your payment methods has been deactivated as the beneficiary name of the bank account does not match your name."


My bank account is under the name Randi, while my profile name is Miranda. Randi is the shortened version of Miranda, and happens to be my legal name. However, I am never referred to as 'Randi' and wish to be known on Upwork as Miranda.


My question is: How can I link my bank account to my upwork profile? I have changed my profile name to Randi and I am still unable to connect my bank account information. Ideally I would have my profile say 'Miranda' but I understand if that is not possible.

Community Guru
Won't the bank let you change your account holder name to your actual legal name? I would suggest trying that since your account at Upwork has to be your legal name and your bank account must be linked through that legal name.