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What is a Connect?

Dear Community,


I am a new freelancer and although I have read a lot about Connects, it is yet unclear for me what they are and how they should be used. 


Hope you can advise me. 


Thank you. 

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Connect is use for submitting proposal.


Use it wisely otherwise it will gone just a minute 🙂

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Connect is use for submitting proposal.


Use it wisely otherwise it will gone just a minute 🙂

Too true! Mine are nearly gone and I am yet to find a job. 😞 I'm sure I will eventually, but I either need to buy more or wait till next month.

same hear . i wounder what to do when they`re all gone and yet to secure a job


Did I understand right that connect is like a credit I have to apply and send proposals? 

Margo, that is correct and you use 2 for each proposal you send. You get 60 a month so you can apply to at most 30 jobs a month, unless you pay $10 for plus membership. With plus membership, you get 70 a month and connects you don't use one month roll over to the next month. Without plus membership, you lose connects you don't use by the end of the month.

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Before you start applying for jobs, you should read this all the links and advice given in this thread, which you will find at the top of the "New to Upwork" page in the greyed-out area.



That was archived and I don't know how to do this connect part and all jobs require at least 6 connects 

I want to apply for a job, I have a membership and yet my page is showing no Connects. Why won't it show Connects? I should have at least 60 Connects per month, right?

Hi Todd,

Upon checking you still have 50 connects left. Please check your connects by clicking on Reports tab> Connects History. Hope this helps.

~ Jo-An


Thank you for that explanation why do some jobs ask for 6 connects?

Hi Dana,


We calculate the number of Connects needed based on the projected job duration, budget amount, and marketplace demand.




I just made a profile and found jobs that I can do but they require 6 to 8 connects.. when I went to apply it stated I can't because I dnt have any connects.  Buy I just made my profile? 

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Dear john 

Thanks now got an idea about connects. I ve lose all my connects. Do i have to wait till next month to submit a proposal? 

Isira E

i need to pay for adding up connects?

Hi Carmi,


If you'd like to get more Connects, you can subscribe to Plus membership and be able to purchase Connects in addition to the monthly allotment. Find more information in this Help article.

~ Vladimir
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i never received any connects since the ones i was originally given when i signed up?

Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi Daniel, 

Please know that we have moved to the new Connects system months ago. In this new system freelancers in the Freelancer Basic plan will need to purchase connects should they find the need to do so. 

Connects are not sold individually, but bundles begin at $1.50 for 10 Connects. Regardless of which bundle you choose, all Connects are priced at $0.15 apiece. Here are your bundle options:

  • 10 for $1.50
  • 20 for $3
  • 40 for $6
  • 60 for $9
  • 80 for $12

You should be able to purchase Connects by going to your Membership & Connects page (Settings > Membership & Connects). Let us know if you need further help.

~ Avery
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Hello Avery,

Thanks for this response. Please what's the  connect policy now? How many free connects do I get monthly and when? I have been checking for but it seems I am missing something.


Thank you.

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I have 54 available connects. I cant use it whenever im submitting proposals. It says i need 2 connects.

Every time you make a proposal, two connects will be taken automatically from your account.  You do not get the connects back, even if you withdraw your proposal or if the client hires someone else.  Use them wisely.  The connects refresh once a month.


Does that help?

Thanks ms mary . I got aware about conncts by your msg and i hope ill get new connects next month. I dont have membership so do I get 30 connects only. ? 



Hello Mary  W. 

Thanks for your response.  Please I would like to know when my monthly connect refresh would be. I am new Upwork and I have ran out  of connects and yet to land any job. I have been expecting the monthly connect. 


Retired Team Member
Retired Team Member

Hi carmi, 


Do you get an error when use your connects? 
Yes that is correct, usually applying for a job will take 2 connects from your monthly budget. For more connections refer to Vladimir comment about upgrading to Membership plus.

~ Goran
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This whole thread should now be archived. It's six years old and the connects system has completely changed. Upwork could you please do something about gathering up all the new posters and putting them on the right road.  This paticular thread should not even be searchable and I am sure the OP has now found her feet and no longer needs reference to it.  

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