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What should i do after sending my proposal?

It,s my first time and i don't understand how to make right steps. How can i choose my card like a way to pay me?? And what should i do after proposal? Just waiting for answer?? Help, please.

Retired Team Member
Retired Team Member

Hi Viktoria,

I would suggest you to check out this Thread and learn everything you need about getting started here.
The client will see your proposal on their end and they will be able to send you an offer or contact you to discuss more details about the project, when one of the above is done a message room will be created for both parties.

How you’ll get paid depends on the contract type. Once the funds are available on your Upwork account, you can withdraw them by setting up a withdrawal (payment) method. You can chose the best option for withdrawing your funds with one of our Get Paid Options.

~ Goran
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Hi Viktoria,


Please check out the article below:


Goran already shared the link.

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