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When a prospective client lures you out of upwork platform

As a newbie, the excitement of getting my first response from a client on my tenth proposal on upwork quickly dissipated when the client insisted on working outside of upwork platform. I refused and the client stopped communicating. How can I report such a case to help others who find themselves in similar situations?


Hi Maurice,


When you agree to use Upwork, you also agree to our Terms of Service (TOS). These terms outline that if you meet a client or freelancer on Upwork, we expect you will keep that relationship on Upwork, including making and receiving payments. You may read more about it here.

You also agree not to spam or attempt to contact another Upwork user via a social media account, email address, etc., without their permission. If we learn a freelancer or client is not following our TOS, in most cases we will be forced to permanently close their Upwork account. I'd recommend that you please visit these courses in the Upwork Academy section to learn more about staying safe on Upwork. 
~ Joanne
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