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When do I receive pay for my hourly completed job?

I completed a project this morning that was an hourly paid one. Even though the client ended the contract, the payment has not come through to my pending payments page. Is this normal?

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Yes. This is normal.


Read about when you will receive your money here:


Weekly Billing Cycle

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Hi Jazmin!

It takes 10 days from the end of the billing cycle to actually see the payment in your account and available to withdraw. The first five days is the client review period, and the second five days is a security period. After that, you should be able to withdraw your money!

It is definitely a bit frustrating to have to wait so long for payment that the client has approved of, especially when using payment protection, but eventually you'll get the hang of keeping that 10 days in mind whener you're scheduling bill payments or something similar.

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