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When does Upwork's percentage change?

From what I've read, once you make $500 the percentage that Upwork takes goes down to 10%. 


I'm wondering if you have to make $500 including Upwork's fee or if you have to make more than $500 because of Upwork's fees before the percentage goes down to 10%.


Does it take effect at $500 or is it $501 before you'll see the difference in the percentage?


What if you take a job and beforehand you were under the $500 mark but during the job you have another job that puts you above the $500 mark?


Just curious because I'm in the middle of a job that just happens to be a fixed-contract for $500. Any insight with all of this will be greatly appreciated.

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The fee is based on your total earnings per client. New client means you start at the base fee.

Ohhhh so it's not based off your total earnings? You have to make $500 with each client before there's a reduction in percentage?

**bleep**, I thought it was for the total earnings... what a bummer lol

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