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When does payment and feedback kick in after a contract's ended?

Hi everyone,


I'm kinda new to Upwork and I'm a little confused. My first project (which was quite a while back) was a fixed payment contract. Once the project ended and the client approved, my payment was posted and I saw their feedback/rating.


My just concluded project, though, was an hourly contract and I'm still trying to figure it all out. I'm done with the job and the client is happy, so I ended the contract and left my feedback. He says he's dropped his feedback too, but I can't see it on my profile. I'm also surprised he was able to post his feedback without posting payment.


So, I guess my questions are:

1. Will ending an hourly contract not prompt the client to review the work and approve payment if they're satisfied? Or, would I have to wait for the automatic weekly payment that kicks in by weekend?

2. Am I not supposed to see the feedback left by a client immediately, or will that only happen once the payment is approved?

3. Is there any way for a client to approve payment on an hourly contract outside of the automatic Monday billing cycle?


I've tried googling my way to all the answers I need as I begin focusing my efforts on the platform, but I can't seem to find any answers to the above questions. Any help will be appreciated. Thanks so much!

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Community Manager

Thanks for your questions, Rainny.


Looks like your client is still to prove feedback for you. Please share this help article with them to help them with this process. 


You can check your In Review tab and Work In Progress tab in order to confirm the status of your payments. 


Please check the Weekly Billing Cycle article for more information about the schedule to release hourly payments. It takes about 10 days for payments to be processed. The first week is when you log time on an hourly contract, which ends every Sunday. The client then has 5-days to review, and/or, dispute any the hours logged on the Work Diary. If there are no issues with the hours logged, the payment for the contract will then go to a 5-day security period before it becomes available on your account.

~ Bojan
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