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When to use specialized profiles?

Hi all,

I am new to Upwork as a seller, and I'm hoping that some experienced sellers can provide some insight and advice here: 

I run a micro agency (not on Upwork) and would like to create a profile for us, so that we can bid on contracts here. We offer web design, SEO, associated writing services (blogs, bios, copy, etc), and project management. Does it make more sense for us to have one profile, or multiple specialized profiles? 

Seems like from a search perspective would be better to have specialized ones so as to speak to the specialized need that someone is searching for, but I'm not sure if Upwork supports this? 
All I can tell so far is that we need to keep one account to adhere to TOS. 

Any information is very much appreciated. Thank you so much!!!


Hi Gabriel,


We truly appreciate your feedback and opinion on the development of the Specialized Profile design. Please note that your General Profile shows all the projects you have worked on in Upwork. We designed this type of profile to show all the skills you offer to your potential clients. A specialized profile only shows the work history for the projects you choose to feature. It gives you the opportunity to describe one skill or service in more detail. On each specialized profile you’ll set: 


Your profile will contain an indicator that you have other specialized profiles, and the client will have the option to switch between those versions when viewing your profile (similar to how you switch between versions when editing your profile).


~ Arjay
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