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Where can I find a good freelancing course just like Danny Margulies one?



I`m looking for a course the same as Danny Margulies Six Figures Upworkers. I want to start freelancing with Customer Service. But I need someone who has a course (not a random member form here that will say yeah give me 100$ I`ll teach you everything you need to know because it`s an obvious scam).


So I`m looking for a course that will teach me how to write my profile and most important how to write proposals to win jobs and how to raise my rate.


These are the 3 things that I`m looking for in such a course. I`ve tried emailing Danny with no success so I`m looking for who ever replaced him and fill`s that gap.

Thank you

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Try looking for freelancers in the "Lead Generation" field here on Upwork.

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