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Where is my hourly pay?

Hey everyone, so a couple weeks have gone by working with a new client. However, I have only recieved a small amount of the lifetime pay even after a few weeks have gone by. Both my client and I are confused as to why. I'm attaching current billing and lifetime billing examples. Is this a setting, or is there an issue with Upwork?


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If you worked this week, then next week the client has to review your screenshots till Friday. Then after 5 days you will have them available for withdrawal. So on September 22.

I'm sorry the issue is I had worked on this project for the past few weeks and only got payed for last week. Am I missing the point on how Upwork works?


If you worked three weeks... and have been paid for one of those weeks... then continue doing what you did for the week you were paid. And you will continue getting paid.


If you worked the same way during each of those weeks... then you'll continue to get paid. You're simply not accustomed to the schedule.

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