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Why I can't get up to work

Why I can't get up to work

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Hi Robiul,


Welcome to Upwork! I reviewed your profile and would like to offer some suggestions.


The beginning of your profile Overview displays in prospective client search results. So, your first sentence should include clear, relevant information about your primary skillsets and expertise. Then, further down in the Overview, consider describing the type of clients you usually work with or perhaps even your ideal client and the types of challenges you can help them overcome. Approach the Overview like a pitch to a client.


I did notice some grammatical errors. To help add extra polish, consider using a tool like Grammarly. This is the tool I use. It’s free and it works as a Chrome add-on, so it works in your Upwork proposals, profile edits, and Web-based email.


I curated a short list of articles that I believe you will find helpful:

I hope this helps!

Mike J.
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