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Why I'm not getting any job yet? Help!

Hello everyone! I am new on Upwork, looking for a part-time job. 


Last month I am bidding a lot, and not getting any response or offers.


I know it is hard in the beginning, but can someone give me some tips?


Thanks a lot!



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There is really nothing we can offer you other than to point you to existing threads, such as:


Getting Started on Upwork



How to Get First Job..


Your profile is PRIVATE. So we can't look at it to offer any specific advice.

If I could see it, the first thing I would look at is to see if you are trying to work in a ridiculous, over-subscribed job niche, such as general "data entry" or "V.A." Obviously Upwork is not in need of more people doing those things.

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Hello Jovana,


I'm a Top-rated freelancer for years but I also struggle to get new jobs. It is harder and harder year by year. UpWork is flooded with low bidders who undercut each other. UpWork should determine a reasonable bid range to increase their profit instead of penalizing honest freelancers by introducing new connect system.  I don't know how the advertised 5 USD extra cost calculated per month. My previous success rate was 1/20 (20 proposals =1 client) but now it is much worse. And the jobs category I apply requires 6 connects each.  


The new system will not reduce the amount of sent proposals and low bidders will still get the jobs, will provide lower quality work and produce more unsatisfied clients that we'll bad for UpWork and freelancers as well. Additionally, low bidding is also very harmful because the freelancer who does the job for the one-fourth of the client's budget we'll pay 4 times fewer fee for UpWork.  This is why the new connect system is introduced.




I agree with this and have addressed it as well. I have been with Upwork four years and I have not had trouble finding a job until now. I have been out of work for 6 weeks, have put in over 72 bids in that time and I have not gotten hired yet. I have had bites, but then don't hear back from the client. I remember when the bids were just 2 connects. When did this 6 connects even start? To many connects at one time. I know I have spent more money buying connects with no income coming in. Sucks really. I believe that Upwork needs to have a rule that the lowest bid in the Intermediate and Expert level should be at least $15.00 and hour. A living wage amount. 

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