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Why I never even get an interview after 2 months?

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Arturo C Member Since: Mar 30, 2018
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I've updated my profile, I've read every tip I could from both the upwork comunity and the upwork help and support articles, I have a good picture, updated my previous works, my studies, I make good cover letters, I'm good at what I do, I just don't get it!


I understand there is a lot of competition going on, but is it I just haven't had luck? or is it something I'm doing wrong? I've applied for more than 80 works already in these two months, some of them I've already done wishing to get picked (sometimes clients include their assignment) so I use them for future "previous works"...


Unfortunately, almost every job has this two conditions: 

- Job Success Score: At least 90%

- Include Rising Talent: Yes


Is it because I've never been hired that the clients don't even see my offer? Or is it mere luck?





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Erwin M Member Since: Apr 13, 2018
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Hello Sir! I understand your frustration..

I just wanna share my perspective..

There are a lot of reasons why you are getting less to no intervierview invites at all.

• Having a good picture,
• Updating your previous works and studies,
• Making good cover letters
will not guarantee you success in being invited to an interview or being hired.
It will only increase the chances for that.

One of the main reasons Sir why clients go to Upwork is:

"To hire freelancers who are willing to work under a small salary rate."

In your profile, you are asking for a $20/hr rate up front.

If you still hadn't done a job here at Upwork,
consider lowering your rate because there are so many freelancers here who offers the same skill as you do, for a much lower rate, especially us Asians.

I understand Sir that you're confident that you got skills, but the best way to prove that is to get good reviews from clients who hired you here at Upwork..

That's one thing I am sure of Sir,

if you still have little or no job done here at Upwork,

your rate maybe is a big factor on why you are having a hard time getting a client.

Start from a lower rate,

it will eventually go up as you work with more clients and as your profile gets to show more jobs done with great reviews 🙂

I hope I am of help to you 🙂

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Janean L Member Since: Apr 6, 2016
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Erwin --


I disagree with your advice for the OP to offer "bargain-basement" rates. That usually signals to a prospective client that a freelancer is desperate, and then the sharks and scammers swim in. Furthermore, working for a low rate typically has the effect of locking a freelancer into that rate. A client reasons: "Why should I pay Freelancer Jones $20 an hour when I can see that he is willing to work for $12 an hour?"

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Erwin M Member Since: Apr 13, 2018
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Working for a low rate does not mean that you'll be locked under that rate.

Like I said, I do now know if he has already done a job here at Upwork, but IF he still has not, then why will a client hire a freelancer that offers a higher rate compared to another applicant who is willing to a lower rate with an Upwork experience?

If he work for a lower rate, his rate can always be increased by the client IF he can prove that he/she is worth a higher salary rate.

I just shared my opinion on why he is not getting interview invites, and that's how I see it..
Working in a low rate does not mean you'll be locked to it.

Prove your worth, and your salary will definitely increase.

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Mary W Member Since: Nov 10, 2014
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Never lower your rates if they are reasonable to begin with.  Be sure that the first couple of lines in your proposal address the client's needs.  (The client initially only sees the first two or three lines).  90% JSS is a suggestion - never a requirement.  None of us had a JSS when we began.


You have years of valuable experience off of Upwork - be sure to stress that. Be patient and craft your proposals specifically for the job offered.  It definitely takes a while to get going - be patient!

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Sarra F Member Since: Jun 26, 2021
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I have the same problem. Any help?

Upwork Staff
Nadja N Upwork Staff Member Since: Sep 4, 2020
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Hi Sarra,

We're sorry to hear you're struggling to get an interview! Here are a few profile and proposal tips that can help:


  • Make sure your profile is cohesive. Match your overview with your overall profile expertise (work history, experience, skills).

  • Based on your noted skills, your title may not provide a full overview of your expertise. Precise titles that specify the services you offer are more likely to catch the attention of clients that need your expertise.

  • I suggest that you request and post testimonials from your previous work experience/clients to showcase your skills and abilities to attract attention to your profile.  It is a great way to vouch for your background and shows clients that you are reliable and experienced. Learn more about the Testimonial tool here.

And, I suggest you check out these resources too:

  • Check out How to Get More Jobs on Upwork in 2021 

  • Proposals That SellEnglish
    Increase your chances to win more projects by learning how to grab clients’ attention with a customized proposal.

  • Power Proposal Tips from a Six-Figure UpworkerEnglish, continue the conversation on the thread here. Danny Margulies, successful independent professional on Upwork and the creator of, shares tips on how to write a great proposal.

We hope this helps you, let us know if you have any additional questions!

Nadja N., Talent Success Partner