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Why can I sometimes highlight portfolio pieces on proposals and sometimes not?

Why can I sometimes highlight portfolio pieces on proposals and sometimes not? Is this a bug or something that only becomes available when the person posting the job requests applicants to highlight portfolio work?
I wonder how things look from the perspective of the person I am applying to.

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Did you find a solution to this? I have been struggling with the same issue over and over again. And I don't find a definitive solution to it. Did you?

Hi Ricardo Jose,


Could you please share with us a screenshot of the issue you're experiencing when highlighting your portfolio in your proposals? We'll gladly look closer into that and assist you accordingly. We're looking forward to your response.


~ Arjay

Hi, I can not even share a screenshot because that section does not even appear when creating my proposals now. It used to happen to be hidden sometimes. But, for the last few days. I cannot even see that section that allows me to highlight portfolio pieces in a proposal. The only screenshot I can think of is this one:




I hope this makes sense!


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I think that the contractor posting the job offer is able to choose if the wants people to be able to submit portfolios or not?

No, that is not the case Oskar, I tested from my client account and clients don't have that option when posting a job.


However, for the last few days, I have been able to highlight portfolio items from my freelancer account. I hope they fixed it!

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