Why do clients ask for Skype?

I was wondering why clients ask for Skype id in job post. For video chat or text chat? The reason why I'm asking this silly question is I'm not comfortable with video chat.

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There could be a lot of reasons. A few of the most common are:


1. They want to verify that your profile pic is actually you.

2. Verify any language fluency is accurate.

3. They want to share something via screen sharing.

4. They are just more comfortable with it.


While it may not be the most common method of communication, using Skype or other video conferencing in today's world where clients and freelancers can literally be halfway around the world from each other, it has to be accepted.

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Zeeshan, I don't like video chat either, so if a job post mentions Skype, then I will state in my proposal that I am willing to do audio chat but not video.

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