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Why does the client create several identical jobs with different fixed price?

Hi to all!

Recently, I received a proposal with a fixed price list design. Well, I was chosen by client and he opened the contract and hired me. The job was simple and when I got closer to final (there was only a sketch, stayed trivia), the client said that this is not the one and he breaks the contract. It was not even possible to arrange or get some kind of feedback about what is wrong. Ok, I've returned the money, let it be.
However, then it turned out that this customer has several more similar jobs (5) created at different prices, ranging from $ 40 to $ 80. No one is hired.
Why do he created this?

And what about this: the client creates several identical jobs, dials the options, breaks the contract and as a result gets several options on the basis of which he can make his own or can combine elements, or copy the best of them. And while not paying any cent?
At the same time jss score freelancers falls.

The question "Why the client create several identical jobs at a different price and do not hire anyone?" has bothering me for several days.

Thanks for your answer!
Have a great time!
Regards, Sveta

Retired Team Member
Retired Team Member

Hi Sveta,

One of our team members will contact you via ticket so that you can share the job posting link or ID with us and our team will review the client further.

~ Goran
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