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Why is 3D Modeling lumped in with CAD?

I was wondering if there is a reason that 3D Modeling is lumped in with CAD?  You can create 3D models with CAD but there are so many other 3D programs that are used for other diciplines that don't seemed to be covered properly in the categories.  As someone who does work for film, televsion and games, these CAD jobs are irrelevant to me.  Is there a way to more precisely see jobs related to my experience or do I have to sift through the CAD jobs to find them?

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Community Manager

Thanks for sharing your feedback, Cougan. We'll share it with the team, who are planning to update the list of categories. In the meantime, please use the approach Viacheslav advised on in order to narrow down your search, although CAD-related 3D modeling jobs will also appear in search results in that case. Also, please note that all 3D modeling jobs will appear even if you select this category, not only CAD ones.

~ Vladimir
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Hi Vladimir,


I have a relevant issue posted here: https://community.upwork.com/t5/Designers-Creatives/3d-modeling-amp-CAD-Category/m-p/746621#M2064

If you may have a look and share your thoughts?


Thank you.


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