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Why was money taken from my card when i was adding it to my account????????

Why was money taken from my card when I was adding my card to up work????? That money was to be paid to my freelancer that I will be hiring... If money was gonna be taken off my card to just add it. I wouldn't want to continue... I would like a refund of the **Edited for Community Guidelines** that was taken.. Thank you

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Hi Lezlie,


When a client adds a credit card as a billing method, they need to verify it by entering 2 verification amounts they were charged into a verification form. The verification amounts are refundable. It looks like you have already verified your card and the refund of the amounts is being processed.


Thank you.

~ Valeria

Okay so I’ll be receiving the refund????

Correct, Lezlie, the verification amounts that in sum equal $10 will be refunded to your credit card.

~ Valeria
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@Lezlie P wrote:
Okay so I’ll be receiving the refund????

 Of course 🙂 It is refunded straight away 🙂 Read this



Verification Charges

When you add a credit card, you may need to verify your card via 2 small charges:

  • Upwork submits two charges that equal a total of $10
  • It can take up to five days for the two charges to show up on your credit card account

Important: Entering the wrong amounts three times will place your card on hold until you complete verification with the support team.

If your credit card statement is presented in a currency different from US Dollars, we have added the USD amounts in the description of the verification charges. Please refer to the above graphic and the USD charge amounts will appear in the description: x.xx- x.xx.  Enter the USD amounts rather than local currency amounts to verify your card.

Note: If you are required to complete credit card verification, you must verify your card within seven days. Otherwise any contracts in progress will be paused until you complete verification.



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