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Will my account be approved for freelancer?


I was directed to Upwork by my client who has already engaged me to take footage of gameplay for an ongoing project that will be used to develop a bot. Reason being that the it will be easier for others to view the project, disseminate info, split the work and of course payment at the end.

As such, I realized that I needed to create a freelancer account but I am afraid that it will not be approved as the job description / skills area is not that specific and I couldn't find an accurate description of the nature of work I will be providing, at least to my client.

Does anyone know if there is a work around this? I already submitted the application for review but I really only created the account just to be able to access the project link given by the client.

Basically, I just need an account here at Upwork. 

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your profile photo alone will lead to immediate rejection. You need a clear headshot of yourself.


It's okay, I just realized that there is a function to 'Bring your own freelancer' which my client can use to bring me privately into the project. I will only be allowed to work with him and it saves me the hassle of creating a profile just for this sole purpose ( which probably wouldn't get approved either way ) 

Thanks for your reply and help though. I solved my own problem by stumbling around 🙂

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Hi Isaac,

If you are planning to use Upwork only to work with one client and you have already created a profile on Upwork, please have your client contact Upwork customer support for assistance setting up a contract. You will however need to use a real photo of yourself on your profile as has been already mentioned by Petra. Thank you.

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