Will the number of hours I worked in the project be forfeited due to not having the desktop app?

 As I have read on the manual of upwork (just a moment ago. i have already worked on the research project for a couple of hours before I have read the manual of upwork and knew about the upwork deskstop app). It is said that the upwork desktop app tracks the number of hours worked by the freelancer. My concern is that, during the hours I have worked 6 hours ago, I haven't logged it yet in the app since I still do not have it because I just knew now that it should be downloaded. Will that working hours be forfeited then? 

Your client has to agree to manual hours in order to be paid without using the time tracker. You should discuss this with the client to see if they'll agree to do so.


Whether or not to allow manually-logged time is a choice that clients make.


Here is what I personally do:

I always try to log my work time using the desktop app time-tracker, as much as possible.


On occasion, if there is some work that I can't log, or if I did a bit of work without running the time-tracker (perhaps in response to a client's emailed questions), then I add that time using manually-logged time. Of course I can only do that if the client has allowed manual time.


I do not ask clients beforehand if I can log a small amount of manually time if they have intentionally authorized manual time.


But I would never simply do ALL my work using manual time unless I specifically discussed doing so with the client. I believe that would be rude.


I do not worry about my manual time being disputed or rejected by clients. Why don't I worry? Because I use the time manually and sparingly. And because the work I provide to clients is so valued by them that they have no interest in disputing anything like that.

Manual time is not covered by the payment guarantee, however.

But will i still get paid even if it is not covered with the payment guarantee?

@Clarence S wrote:

But will i still get paid even if it is not covered with the payment guarantee?

 The client can still choose to pay you. The risk is if the client doesn't agree to the manual hours or for some reason doesn't pay you (like her credit card is bad), then Upwork won't pay you for those hours as they would with properly tracked and noted hours.

I see. then that's what it means. I am still trying to get a reply from my employer

Yes, I agree with you. that is why I ask her if she will allow me to use the manual time tracker until my problem with the unsuccessful installation of my desktop app. Because just this morning I downloaded the app already, however, another problem emerged because it does not successfully install in my computer (computer xp) and says "entry point not found". I am currently finding solutions in the forum for this. 
I informed her about this trouble and is still aiting for her reply.

Once we have agreed about the manual logging of working hours, what will I do next? Can I already start working and manually log my time or is there something that the client has to do to inform upwork about the agreement ot whatever?

The client does not need to inform Upwork.


The client has already decided. There is a checkbox that the client either checks or doesn't check that determines whether or not you can log manual time.


The client can change this setting at any time.


If you log manual time, you are AUTOMATICALLY paid for that time. The client does not do anything to approve that time. It is automatically approved.


I think you are over-thinking this. As long as you and the client are working well together and trust each other and communicate, manual time is not a problem.


Try to avoid using it. But if you need to use it, go ahead.


I just want to clarify this up, when i am manually logging my time it is said in the manual that it will not be covered by the payment protection of upwork. Does that mean that my payment will not be processed by upwork and my employer have to do the direct money transfer by herself?  My employer is from brazil and I am here in the Philippines. This concerns me very much. I hope someone will clear this query of mine

Hi Clarence,


Clients are automatically billed on Hourly contracts for both time added manually and tracked with the Desktop app. The difference is that manual hours don't qualify for Hourly Payment Protection in case an issue arises on the contract. Please read more about Hourly Payment Protection and make sure to use Upwork Desktop app when working on Hourly contracts or opt to set up a contract as Fixed-Price.


To ensure you're up to date with Upwork's features and processes, please review these freelancer resources before submitting new proposals or proceeding with any offers you might have received.


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