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Re: Win a job

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Ng K Member Since: Jun 12, 2019
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Hello there Upwork Community,


Do you have any recommendations or comments about my profile ?  I know there is still room for improvements but I couldn't figure out what more I can add to make it more appealing.

Since my profile being officially approved, I did sent out about 6 proposals, and I heard none of their reply or invitation in return.

I need guidance and comments from the Upwork Community, or may be pin point some weakness of my profile so that I can win a first job and get started.

Thanks for your help in advance! Have a nice day. Smiley Happy

Community Guru
Robin H Member Since: May 28, 2019
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Hi Ng,


It would help if you 1) reviewed other "typists" profiles for comparison and 2) put yourself in the client's shoes.  Your current profile reads as if you're a student looking for someone (a client) to pay you to learn and improve your skills.  I wouldn't hire you.  Bring your skills and assets to the front.  Make your title more compelling and focus on the first few sentences since it shows up in the client's search.  If you have previous examples, add them to your portfolio.  


Hope this helps you and good luck!


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Ng K Member Since: Jun 12, 2019
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Thank you Robin  for your advice. Smiley Very Happy

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Louisa J Member Since: Apr 12, 2017
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Hi Ng,


My advice would be to take out the line about 1 year in manufacturing, as I don't see how that's relevant.


My other suggestion would be the typing speed. 30 wpm is very low if you want to secure a job as a typist. Pro-typists average 70-80 wpm. The average person 40 wpm. Have a go at some online typing tutorials where you can see your typing speed for free. Some issue a certificate with a date. 


Also, maybe stick with one profile for now. Focus on one skill and build from there. 







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Ng K Member Since: Jun 12, 2019
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Hi Louisa,  thank you for your suggestions and comments.

I will practise more on my typing speed and hopefully it helps! Smiley Very Happy

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Kathy T Member Since: Jul 17, 2015
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You're not on here to Learn new skills, you're on here to showcase and provide skills that you already have. Clients don't want someone learning on their work. Clients want their work done, quickly, efficiently and professionally as possible. 


As for your typing speed, I'm sure there are some extremely fast typists here. I had a friend who was able to type over 100 wpm.. 


And stick with only 1 profile at this point. Pick a skill that you excel at and stick to that. This site has hundreds of freelancers applying to the jobs you listed. What do you have that will make you stand out from those other freelancers. Why would a client want to hire you and not another freelancer. Rewrite your profile to reflect that.

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Ng K Member Since: Jun 12, 2019
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Hi Kathy, thanks for your advice, I will work on my typing speed and improve my profile from now on. 

Thanks again and your words really had enlightened me. Smiley Very Happy


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Mary W Member Since: Nov 10, 2014
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Although test scores will disappear shortly, you should hide the score that is below average.