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Withdrawal Problem solved: All tests for Direct to U.S. failed - Wire Transfer works

Hello UPWORK newcomers,

After conducting several tests, I have successfully figured out how to transfer my earnings from UPWORK to WISE. I attempted to transfer $31 and encountered a service fee of $30, leaving $1 to arrive in my account.


Here are some key rules I discovered during this process:

1. Set up WIRE TRANSFER (USD) on UPWORK: One crucial step involves the account holder's name in the entry mask on UPWORK's side. This must be your first and last name as a private individual. This full name is set by default and could be adjusted (e.g., changing "N." to "Nadja"). This is the correct procedure, even if your company (represented by its full name and legal note like A-Z LIMITED) is the tax-wise account holder on both the UPWORK and WISE accounts.
2. WISE requires the company name to proceed with a payment, but WISE accepted the private name in my $31 test transfer.
3. Only wire transfers in USD are functional. The option for Direct to U.S. Bank (USD) did not work; the funds sent by UPWORK were not received by WISE. Consequently, the amount was in transit for several days before returning to my account. Several tests with different settings failed.


I believe sharing this information could be beneficial to others. 


Best regards,

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