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Work is done, client hasn't approved milestones ...

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Heather H wrote:

Thanks - I'll play hardball on funded milestones from now on. I guess that's what I mean when I call it "active" - if a milestone doesn't show up in the "active milestones" list and won't let me attach work to it or submit it for payment, then I guess that probably means it's unfunded. I foolishly assumed that since the contract was for $xx, that was the amount that had been funded. This is only my second contract on Upwork and my first milestone-based project.


The good thing about hard lessons is that you never forget them. Thanks!

Something else to be aware of also. Make sure that escrow is FULLY funded either for the entire job or for each milestone as they come up BEFORE you start work. Even though a contract may have $XX amount and the client agrees to that payment, it's whatever is funded into escrow is what you will get. For example, Payment for first 10 widgets was agreed to be $100 but only $10 dollars was funded. That's all you will get, $10. Doesn't matter what amount the contract was and it doesn't matter what the client agreed to.