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Working on Upwork as a Company


I am the owner of a small software development company based in Mumbai, India and have recenly registered with Upwork.

I have a team of developers working full time with me.


I am the only one going to be using Upwork and applying for projects. None of my team members will be having access to Upwork.


How do I use Upwork in this case? Should I register as an Agency?


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Retired Team Member

Hi Vipul,

Yes that is correct, in order to work as a team you will need to open an agency and invite your freelancers to your agency.
To learn more about agencies check out this guides: About Agencies and Manage an Agency Account. Thank you!

~ Goran

Hi Goran


As I mentioned, I am not going to have any freelancers added to the agency. I, myself will be using the account.

Will it work fine to operate it in that manner?

Hi Vipul,

Unfortunately no, you will need to open an agency and invite your team to the agency if you would like to operate as a team/company on Upwork. Thank you!

~ Goran
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you can create an agency and operate as a "team" without inviting your developers to register.
To understand under which conditions you can operate read the User Agreement 2.1 (vii) & Terms of Use 4.1

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