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Re: Your profile is under review

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Josh C Member Since: Jan 15, 2015
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Hey guys, I'm new to the freelancing side of oDesk. I created an account (around 36 hours ago).


Your profile is under review

You should hear back within 24 hours. You will be able to apply to jobs once your profile is approved.
I have this message on my profile. Is this standard procedure or has my face come up on the 'wanted' list and they're handing me over to the cops?!
All jokes aside, what should I do if it's been over 24 hours and I've heard nothing?
Community Guru
Preston H Member Since: Nov 24, 2014
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This is normal.

All new profiles are reviewed before the contractor can apply for jobs.

Just be patient.


They main thing ODesk is looking for is that your oDesk profile is complete and looks like a real person somebody might want to hire.


Wait a day or two. You'll either hear back that you're all set, or that you need to change or add one or two things.

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Josh C Member Since: Jan 15, 2015
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Thanks Preston.

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Randy E Member Since: Feb 17, 2015
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How long should it be approved? Mine has been for 3 days already Smiley Sad

I completed my profile 100% an dpassed all tests. I just want to start asap. Help please
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Karissa Carla B Member Since: Feb 26, 2015
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Mine is more than a week  Smiley Sad so frustrating 

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Sheila B Member Since: Mar 6, 2018
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Hi, as a New-bee, wondering how it is going with Upwork. It is now 2018 and you joined in 2015 with the comments I am expecting: Please wait.


Today is the first I have heard of Upwork after searching the web for years. A few others sites have popped up prior. Personally, I was excited to finally find Kelly Services in the ranks of on-demand-temps and sorry to hear the hardships the industry has faced.

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Anyuta B Member Since: Jan 10, 2019
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It takes already 2 day, but my account is keeping the same message.



Bojan S Moderator Member Since: Mar 9, 2018
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Hi Anyuta,


We'll have one of our team members reach out to you directly via support ticket and assist you further with your account status, thank you.

~ Bojan
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Jean S Member Since: Oct 22, 2007
9 of 83 did you hear about Upwork and why did you decide to work on this site?
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Farzana L Member Since: Apr 1, 2018
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i opened accout many days ago.still i am suffering this problem on this to i get rid of this problem.when i can work.please advice me.