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a job showing up on my profile when I visit it but not to others when they do?

it's been about 48 hours since client released funds and ended contract for this job. 

when I visit my profile I can see the job it also show up when I click "View my profile as others see it", but when I open an incognito browser and visit my profile link it is not there at all.

funds for the job are in pending tab.

I read a couple of community threads and most answers say that one should wait 24 hours since client release funds to see the job reflected on profile page. 
is there something wrong or something that I'm missing?

I kinda think it did show up yesterday but disappeared again.

Retired Team Member
Retired Team Member

Hi Ahmed,

I just checked your profile and I can see that all of your most recent contracts are listed, just in case I've also generated your profile manually  so that everything is updated accordingly. If the contract you`re referring to still is not showing on your end please send me a PM with the contract ID. Thank you.

~ Goran

Hello Goran V, 

it still does not show up, I PMed you the contract id, 

thank you. 

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