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bank accounts for getting paid


I am a Canadian living in the Philippines.  I registered as Canadian and used my Canadian address because it is relevant for clients of my work to know that I am Canadian and not Filipino.  However, I do not want to use my Canadian bank account to get paid from Upwork in Canadian dollars, I'd prefer to use my Philippine bank account and get paid in Philippine pesos or US dollars.  How can I do that?


Hi Wayne, 

I would like to add to what has already been shared. If you are travelling and are away from your country of residence temporarily,  you don’t need to update your location. If it does raise any flags on our end, the team will reach out to you directly.  If however, you are going to be away for an extended period, such as moving some place, then you should make updates to your account location. Also, it's recommended that you check with a legal adviser if you need a certain type of visa or a work permit to be able to work on Upwork while travelling.

~ Avery

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