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bring my client to upwork

I am new on upwork. My information are reviewing the upwork team.


Meanwhile, I want to know that can I invite my own cilents to upwork and can I work with them? Actually, still my account is not verified, but even before verifing the account, can I invite my own client's on upwork and can I work with them?


Please help me.

Retired Team Member
Retired Team Member

Hi Uday,

Your more than welcomed to invite your clients on Upwork at any time, but in order to be able to work on Upwork you will need to have an approved account. To learn more about Upwork and how it works I would suggest to check out this Thread. Thank you!

~ Goran
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Hi Uday,

In order to work on Upwork, you need to have your account approved first. You can bring your client any time you like and can work with them. FYI, Upwork offers 0% service charge for clients you bring on Upwork. However, I believe you have to be top rated to qualify for the special offer. 

Saymon Hossain
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