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can't add my certification on Upwork (inbound Hubspot)

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Joffrey S Member Since: Jul 26, 2017
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Recently, I wanted to add my certification on Upwork (inbound Hubspot). When I go to my Hubspot account, I can't find the button "add to Upwork". When I go to my Upwork account to add my certificaiton, it asks me to follow this way. Can you help me to find a solution ? 


Bojan S Moderator Member Since: Mar 9, 2018
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Hi Joffrey,


I checked this and see that you have a ticket regarding this with our team, please allow time to them to response and update ticket and if you have any additional question please post them on that ticket for further assistance. Thank you for your patience!

~ Bojan
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Nicholas S Member Since: Nov 4, 2018
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I'm having the same issue the "add to upwork" button is no longer on Hubspot.

Community Guru
Jo-An B Member Since: Aug 2, 2016
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Hi Nicholas,

We have checked and you have an open ticket about this issue. Please post any questions you have on that ticket thread and one from our team will update you for further assistance. Thanks.

~ Jo-An

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Nicholas S Member Since: Nov 4, 2018
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The Upwork Help Center has just informed that Upwork does not currently accept the new Inbound Certification (there are now 2) because Hubspot has not integrated it's new Inbound Certification with Upwork. So, until then it is only the old Inbound Certification that is accepted by Upwork. I hope this helps anyone else that was having this issue.