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client is expecting more than his budget

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Anu B Member Since: Dec 25, 2016
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Hello community!


I have done only three jobs on upwork.  In my new job client want 6 character illustrations with strokes, different poses,different facial expressions and 8 object illustrations only for $25.

I accept this job because in his job discrepion he attached a flat character design .(attaching samples he said in his job ) Now he want more spacification with strokes in same budget.

I'm hired for this job What i have to do now?

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Preston H Member Since: Nov 24, 2014
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This client sounds like a pain. You should not waste your time with people like this.


If I was in your position I would probably close the contract myself and block the client from contacting me. 

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Preston H Member Since: Nov 24, 2014
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Fixed-price contracts require considerably more wisdom and sophistication than hourly contracts. Not all clients are capable of understanding fixed-price contracts.


There are two possibilities that you face:

a) Your client is relatively new to using Upwork. She is a sincere, good person but she simply doesn't understand how fixed-price contracts work.




b) Your client knows exactly how fixed-price contracts are supposed to work, but she is a scammer or essentially a cheat who is manipulating you into working for free.


Realistically, there is probably no way for you to know which of these possibilities (a) or (b) is the case here.


If you think there is a chance that this client may be a good person who simply doesn't understand how fixed-price contracts work, then you may be able to salvage the situation. Tell her:


I'm really happy I have the opportunity to work on your project. Thank you for your recent messages about additional tasks you would like me to do. It seems there was some miscommunication about the project, because it was set up as a fixed-price contract, which would mean no changes are allowed to the original agreement. And clearly you would like to have us work on some things outside of that original fixed-price contract agreement.


"So that we can continue, please do one of the following:

a) Release the $25 payment that was originally agreed upon. Close the contract. I will provide you with all of the work done thus far, and you will have complete ownership of that work.




b) Close the contract and request a complete refund of that $25.00. I will agree to that refund. You will receive your money back, and I will retain ownership of the work done thus far. I'm thinking about putting it into my portfolio.


"Please feel free to choose either of these options. I will support either decision. After this fixed-price contract is closed, if you would like me to continue helping you with this project, you can hire me with an hourly contract at my posted rate and I can help you in any way you like. There will be no limits to what you can request for me to do, and all work done will automatically belong to you.


"Thank you!,