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client wants a refund

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Kathy T Member Since: Jul 17, 2015
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Touseef A wrote:

hi, i just got a project from a client. After 24 hours he says i don't need it please give me refund. these are his exact words, HI Touseef we haven't talked in 24 hours. I don't really feel like i need a google map of the data anymore. I think the zestimate value provides enough info. I would like to request a refund. Sorry for your trouble. what should i do? will it affect my job success rate? 


It all depends on whether you worked on this job or not. If you worked on this job you should be paid a percentage of the total amount in relationship to the percentage of the work you did. If you didn't really do anything, then you'll need to refund what's in escrow. If you didn't do any work you can ask the client to at least release to you a few dollars ($2 or $3) and explain to him that a job with no money earned will hurt your JSS and ability to obtain future jobs. 


It isn't even clear whether this is a fixed rate job (which you would be paid for the work you did) or an hourly job (which you would be paid for the hours your worked)