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Continuous improvement is better than delayed perfection.  ⏤ Mark Twain


Hi Margret,


Thank you for sharing that quote. I see that you are new to our platform. Is there anything we can help you with today?


Thank you,



Hi Pradeep H, 
Many thanks for your replay , Could you advise me about what I can add to my proposal or profile , to increase the chances of taking a job?
Thanks in advance,

Hi Margret,


Welcome to Upwork!


You may want to consider creating specialized profiles to make your profile more attractive to clients. With specialized profiles, you can tailor your unique skills to your audience on Upwork and create variations of your profile that showcase your experience within specific categories.


You can also create Project Catalogs based on the skills and services you offer. This is a new method for our freelancers to have clients come to them, giving freelancers the opportunity to create ‘projects’ that are pre-scoped with price, deliverables, and timeline. Clients can then search for these projects via a series of category pages (specific skills) and purchase them in just a few clicks.


Here are some helpful articles that you may find useful:
•  9 Tips to Help You Create a Freelancer Profile That Stands Out | Upwork
• 15 Ways to Grow Your Freelance Business
I hope this helps!

~ AJ

the real photo of you is best no filters .
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Cool. Couldn't agree more. 

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