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customer support chat link?

customer support chat link?  WHAT IS THE LINK???


Really? if really, a link is the URL where you can direct, the favourites for example are links, links are directions, are breachs, are actually connnections, usually known as the visual part it can be a word or a point, but it keeps inside a direction, so as last conclusion I daresay a link is a connection, better cannot be defined. 

Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi Michelle,


Are you asking how to access support team via a chat? You can click on the Get Help from Upwork link on this page and follow the steps to explain your concern, if there is no available answer for you in the Help Center, you'll be presented with options to speak with a support agent.

~ Valeria

This worked. Thanks!

I'm going to hijack this thread to explain that the process described by Valeria K only HALF works.  It leads me here:



Wonderful decriptions of what needs to be done but NOTHING about HOW?


I've collected as much documentation as requested to begin this identity verification process, but what am I suppossed to do with it?  Where's the form or link or further information?

I NEED to taslk to someone because I have NO hardware for making video calls...I need an option.


still confused,


Hi Kevin,


You should be able to see a button to access chat and verify your profile at the bottom of the Help Center home page once you log in:




If you have a smartphone with a camera, you can complete video verification using it. I'll also ask the team to follow up on the most recent message you posted in your support ticket. 


Additionally, please note that you can only use an actual photo of yourself as your profile picture.


~ Valeria


Thanks so much for responding.  If the route you suggest is the correct way then I simply misunderstood what I would find at the other end of the link.  I did indeed continue my request through this method and await further response.