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everything should know about RETAKE SKILL TEST

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Shahriar K Member Since: Apr 1, 2017
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Greetings everyone !

just want to clear some doubt about retaking skill test! my questions are-


# is original (not retake) test question and retaking test question will be the same?

   if it is, then i will retake skill test. if not, then i will think about it because while taking the skill test i had some brain       issue and time was running out tha'ss why i clicked accidentally wrong answers for 2 question. even if the question     is not same i have no problem, i will retake the test.


# while retaking skill test, if i score lower than my previous test, what score will be shown in my profile?

   i think top 20% is not so bad and i don't want to damage that score for any reason but i also think i am better than      this. i could've made it to top 10% but if my retaking test goes wrong and my profile shows my retaking test score,      then it's gonna be a mess. i just want to solve that 2 question what i accidentally answered wrong.


it would be very helpful. thanks in advance!!

Vladimir G Moderator Member Since: Oct 31, 2014
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Hi Shahriar,


1. I'm sorry to hear about the personal circumstances which affected your test. I can confirm that questions are rotated and you'll be able to retake the test after the displayed date.


2. You can opt to display on your profile the best score from the ones you received.


Good luck!


Active Member
Shahriar K Member Since: Apr 1, 2017
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Thank you Vladimir G for your valueable reply.