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first time on upwork site

Hello everyone!


                 I am new here, I want to say Hi

After jumping from page to page noticed some issues in some site pages.

What is the recommended browser for upwork.com?

If the site need some adjustmens where can we address them?(like example in attach where there is no link to back or home 😞 )


Thank you


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I use Google Chrome and it works great! Click the "Get Support" on the bottom right of the screen or if it is a question the community can answer, feel free to ask. Have an amazing day!

Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi Matei,


Welcome to Upwork! You can find the list of supported browsers in this help article. Additionally, I assure you that I shared your feedback with our team and they will look into this further. If you want to share any additional feedback about using Upwork Community feel free to share it here in the thread. 


Since you are a new user you may also want to check the resources below to help you start with freelancing at Upwork.


Below there are a few Upwork Academy courses to help you get started:
Additionally, feel free to sign up for upcoming events and webinars to learn more about how you can boost your success on Upwork.
Let us know if you have further questions. 
~ Nikola
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