help me i am new here on forum

Hey there!

i am new here

please help me guys i am really depressed i want to get paid.

i have created my account since last two years but i dont know how to work on upwork.

please help me that how to create cover letters etc.

i want to know all the things that i should have to know.

so please i request to all of you guide me in the right and nice way,

hope you guys will listen to me and help me.

Thank you,

Gulraiz Gull

Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi Gulraiz,


Please, check resources for freelancers Vladimir linked to this post and you may find a lot of helpful information for freelancers like you who are getting started or struggle to get their first job.


You may also want to revise your profile overview, fix punctuation and grammar errors and make sure it's easier to read. Add more information about your experience in the field and what exactly you are going to offer to clients on Upwork. When you apply to jobs, make sure your proposals are well-written and address requirements the clients posted in their jobs.


~ Valeria

I see you need help, first step to follow: get out the robe of your head, sit in a chair with a good hair-do, maybe a smile but slightly unless you have also skill as a clown. It is maybe disgusting for your beliefs but I really feel the client do prefer some more conventional. Imagine I take my photo with a mountain-cap. Noway it have to be coventional, or nearly to. Do not lose the hopefullness.

re: "so please i request to all of you guide me in the right and nice way"


Nobody here is going to guide you in everything.


Everything you need to know is already available on the Upwork site in the Help section and here in the Community Forum.


Read what is already here.


The simple matter is that if you have earned no money after two years, you need to accept that this isn't something you are really interested in. I don't know who told you to sign up here. You need to tell that person that your interests are elsewhere. Upwork isn't meant for everybody.


Well she always has a modeling career since that photo points to a model. Prolly why she just created the profile and hasn't gotten a job in 2 years.


The original poster is just joking around with her Upwork profile and her posts in the Forum. She is not using a real photo of herself or himself, and she (or he) is not using real information. Not actually serious about using Upwork as a freelancer.


Upwork freelancer "Gulraiz Gull":



Real person, CEO Zainab Mohammed: