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how can I gate connects and clints for my service

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Andualem Worku T Member Since: Dec 26, 2019
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Greeting from Ethiopia, still for several months did't gate job in upwork b/c of Connects to pay no payment methods from Ethiopia any one please give me suggestion I have post my owen portifolio blog to givie good service for my clint but no clint still.


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Nikola S Moderator Member Since: Jul 2, 2020
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Hi Andualem, 


Please note that the Freelancer Basic plan doesn't include free Connects so you'll need to purchase them if you'd like to send proposals. Some background information: Connects system on Upwork was updated a year ago and you can read more about that change in this Community Announcement. Please know that Connects expire one year from the date of issue. This can vary based on your location, but all Upwork users will be able to purchase Connects with a credit card or prepaid card. If you aren’t able to use a credit card or prepaid card or you don’t have an Upwork balance, in many cases you’ll be able to use PayPal. To see the options available to you, click here. To learn more about acceptable billing methods for paying memberships or purchasing Connects feel free to check this help article


Additionally, you may check these great topics in our Resource Corner to help you get started:



Thank you,

~ Nikola


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