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how do you know if your proposal has been reviewed?

I've submitted several proposals and I'm curious if it is possible to know if my proposal has been reviewed by the client. How do I know if I am no longer being considered, or if I am one of the candidates under consideration? 

If I am not being considered, I'd like to move that proposal off my list and move on to other opportunities. For example, I submitted two proposals, 9 & 11 days ago. How do I know if my proposals have been reviewed?

Next question, if after two weeks I haven't received a response, can I withdraw my proposal and be credited the "connects"?

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There is no way to know your proposal has been reviewed or that you're being considered unless the client contacts you for an interview. Don't wait for a response. Submit your proposal, put it aside, and move on to the next post. 


There's no reason to withdraw a proposal, and you won't get your connects back if you do. If it's closed without hiring, you'll get connects back. In some cases (experiment being trialed now) you'll get them back if it expires without hiring. 

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