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how this platform is going?

Sigh! After submitting 15 to 18 proposals in the last 3+ weeks, I have received some messages from the new client after a long time. One was looking for free or trial works. The second one responds to my proposals but he didn't read my proposal and he is interviewing now 59 freelancers, invited 70 where already 50+ freelancers submitted to his job within an hour. The 3rd response seems good. But today he is saying that he will keep this on hold since there are too many applicants, he is confused! So what is happening to me? I am getting disappointed with how this platform is going?

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Retired Team Member

Hi Rafsun,


First I would like to clarify that asking for free work is not allowed and it is a violation of our TOS. If a client asks you for free work you can use the "Flag as Inappropriate" option on the job posting. Or, send the details via PM to us (moderators). 

To learn more about getting started on Upwork you can check out our resources Here. I would also recommend checking out this blog post and learning more about writing winning proposals. Thank you.

~ Goran

a.JPGHi Goran, 

Thanks for your reply! I flagged that job as an Inappropriate 3 days ago. A supporter came to solve that. I even shared the screenshot of the client's message but it really didn't work. He is interviewing 6 and I am pretty clear that he will not hire anyone! Though I withdrew that job and block that client! The Freelancer who applied to his job, will all lose their paid connects.


I am not that old in Upwork but I am 2yrs old here. I had read this 2 yrs ago. It doesn't matter how good is anyone's proposal if a client receives 50+ proposals within 30 to 60 minutes. He doesn't check anyone's proposal, he just invites a ton and most of the case, he doesn't hire anyone. Also, there are many many clients in Upwork now who just come here, post a job and never come back here to hire anyone. 

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Rafsun S wrote:

But today he is saying that he will keep this on hold since there are too many applicants, he is confused!

This is why I firmly believe the paid connects should be in place.


I believe, Paid for connects is simply a business way to Upwork. It's not beneficial for the Freelancers nor even the client. It's only a benefit for UW!

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We've been here about the same amount of time, and I know in my leaner days I often applied to 30+ jobs a week, so good luck and don't give up! 

I took a look at your profile and think it could use some revamping. I feel like your first line is wasted real estate. Clients see the first few lines in a preview, so I wouldn't spend it telling them something that you *shouldn't* have to, does that make sense? Consider something more specific and particular to your skillset and what you're offering. I also noticed there wasn't much differentiation or specificity between your general and specialized profiles, which is something you might think about. Lastly, don't forget a very thorough proofreading for grammar, spelling and style.  

Hmm...Traditional reply which is totally meaningless in this situation and time! 


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