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how to way upload my CV in upwork ?

when i create my account i ignore upload my cv . but now i want to upload my cv but i cannot find any way to upload my cv .


Hi Md,


The option to upload a resume is only available during profile creation for the purpose of automation, and it allows the system to autocomplete some of your profile items using the information on the resume you have uploaded.


Your whole Upwork profile serves as your resume. Your clients can review your skills and experience by visiting your profile page. If you need to update your profile with new information, you can go to your profile page and edit it from there. Should you have further questions, please don't hesitate to reach out!

~ Luiggi
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Has this ability changed since August '23?  I'm in the same boat where I didn't upload my CV since I wanted to make updates to it prior to uploading.Generally speaking,  It would be beneficial to be able to upload resume changes and improvements. 

Hi Miranda,


What I mentioned in my post above still stands. Your Upwork profile serves as your resume on the platform, so if there are updates that you need to do, you may do so in your individual profile sections. 


We appreciate your feedback regarding this functionality and will gladly share it with the team for consideration. 

~ Luiggi
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